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At the start, Prust was playing for the Montreal Canadiens and the cameras were rolling as Morin and Prust discovered that he had been traded by the Habs to the Vancouver Canucks. There were tears from Morin at the thought of her love being thousands of kilometres away and there were also a few testy confrontations between the two of them along the way. It's through her genuine spontaneity, her dynamic energy and her impeccable style that Maripier Morin has quickly risen to an enviable star status in the artistic community. Through his marriage to Maripier Morin, one of Quebec's prominent television personalities, Brandon has always been very active in the media landscape, joining several television projects. For both these events, Brandon starred, alongside his wife, in the "Our first wedding" and "Our second wedding" web series broadcast exclusively on Maripier's online platform, maripiermorin.com. In the space of a few minutes, Morin felt like her life had fallen apart. Morin, a television host, star of the show and also a social media celebrity is featured in a series of online videos filled with useful tips to manage chaotic and fully scheduled lifestyles. The integration includes four videos in English and French, as Morin is popular in both markets. REVIEW The Fall of the American Empire Who: Written and directed by Denys Arcand; in French, with English subtitles; starring Alexandre Landry, Maripier Morin and Remy Girard. Morin, former Hockey Wives star, has been working in French television in Quebec, and will stay in Canada for her career. Sadly, Tiffany's role this episode was to play the big sister to Maripier as she rehashed her feels about the trade. The cupcakes turned out to look like "boobies" per Maripier.