TL;DR news on Radar at December 19, 2022

Radar has become an essential sensing modality complementing CMOS imaging cameras. Using a tool like PropertyRadar, you can search public records for the data mentioned above to start identifying ADU opportunities in your area of choice. 8 New Gadgets to Have on Your Radar This Week Simplehuman's first smartphone sanitizer, Samsung's newest Galaxy Books, Bang & Olufsen's fancy wireless speakers and more. Vehicles How AI Radar Perception Can Transform Autonomous Transportation In the race to design a safe autonomous vehicle, the key is building reliable perception capabilities. Radar technology is significantly more affordable than alternative 3D sensors, and it is market proven. With the Kiwi Space Radar unveiled in 2019, LeoLabs began observing objects as small as 2 centimeters. Radar Detector FAQs You've got questions, The Drive has answers! Q. The Technology Radar team believes this is most likely because the project is still in its earlier stages and has not yet reached feature stability. Reviews ethics statement Cars Best Radar Detectors for 2022 We review the best radar detectors out now and run down what you need to know to pick the right one for you. The Uniden R3 detects X, K, Ka, MultaRadar and laser and offers customizable tones for each band, voice notifications and a color OLED screen. Radar detectors sense this stray radiation and are able to identify it as the kind of radiation likely to have originated from speed enforcement radar. RDForum.org is a great resource as well as other enthusiast websites like VortexRadar.com, which provides configuration tutorials for most popular makes and models. Radar has obtained Sydney's very long list of wants and amongst them, includes a matching his and her passport set.