TL;DR news on Jimmy Carter at April 27, 2023

They had four children: Jack Carter, born in 1947; James Carter, born in 1950; Donnel Carter, born in 1952; and Amy Carter, born in 1967. Despite a drought in 1954 and a boycott against integration, Carter made the business profitable by 1959. And so Carter really takes on the politically unpopular issue of transferring what was then American property to Panama, returning it to the Panamanians. Will Pattiz: An interesting story that Vice President Mondale told us when we were interviewing him was about how Carter walked the walk, so he gave this speech on lowering thermostats. Carter however gave Mondale broader new responsibilities, as spokesperson, troubleshooter and close counsellor. Kennedy growing up, endorsed Jimmy Carter as a young senator, and scored some of his most significant legislative accomplishments working with Bill Clinton. But only 27 human cases were reported in 2020, most in Ethiopia and Chad, according to the Carter Center, the organisation set up by Jimmy Carter that leads the international eradication campaign. Tonight in Atlanta, they're unveiling a new documentary called "Carterland." And it's a very positive reassessment of Reagan's predecessor, Jimmy Carter. Carter.