TL;DR news on Princess Leia at December 19, 2022

Princess Leia defied Vader, was key to the destruction of the Death Star, and in the sequels is commander of a Rebel base. But not just Leia. And when she died, I felt like a part of my job was to remind people of her brilliance beyond what we knew of Princess Leia. George Lucas made Leia a hero. Share this article Share 'SJ channeling some real Star Wars vibes tonight,' wrote another alongside a photo of Princess Leia. Photo: Violetta Savchits, Belarus Princess Leia about to go into battle against Darth Vader's troops: With a little imagination, this could be a scene from a Star Wars film. In Episode IV, Luke disguises himself as a stormtrooper to save Princess Leia. "Mark answered all John's questions about Princess Leia and spaceships, and he was just very, very kind." John passed away at the age of 24 in 2014.