TL;DR news on Cork GAA at February 19, 2023

Having won Munster, Cork appeared nicely set. 2019 granted Cork a last chance to succeed in that decade. Picture: Morgan Treacy Ruefulness and anxiety are not signature Cork emotions. The last three seasons, from this angle, involved Cork choking as a championship cookie crumbled. Yet you could argue with equal force Cork did well to harvest those two titles in 2004 and 2005. The narrative that has grown up in recent years holds that Cork are too easy to score against, which makes the totals run up by the Rebel forwards at the other end of the field moot. The GAA will shortly confirm fixture details for the remaining 2020 games with indications that the minor matches will take place after the Leaving Certificate exams in July. Last year Bord Gais ran the hugely popular GAAGAABox in which fanatic supporters screamed their heads off as they watched their beloved counties from home. So now the call as gone out to find the "craziest, most committed" Cork fans who'll light up the box with passion and heart. However, the move has brought a boost for one city GAA clubs which is to be be sponsored by Sports Direct as part of its programme of sponsoring selected clubs and brands around the country. My Mam and Dad instilled a love of GAA in all of us. The guest speakers were Cork U20 football manager Keith Ricken and Barry Corkery. That message is across the board for all sports and not just GAA. What I can do is to facilitate a space for all the Cork players to identify their goals and the process as opposed to the destination of where they want to go. A silver lining, if you want to call it that, from the lack of GAA activity this year is that pitches received a welcome break from the wear and tear of training sessions and games. You can buy fertiliser at different prices but Bantry GAA always goes for the top stuff. As well as enhancing an already superb main playing pitch, Bantry Blues GAA has invested in a new astro surface. Sports Direct plans to increase its sponsorship of grassroots Gaelic sport]Cork senior captain Ian Maguire. Vaccinations are currently under way in Cork for people aged between 60 and 69 who registered to receive the vaccine in recent weeks. Cork readers of a nervous or nostalgic disposition are advised to put the paper down and make their way quietly to the nearest exit.