TL;DR news on Jake Paul at December 19, 2022

For a complete ESPN.com experience, please upgrade or use a supported browser ESPN News Services 1y Jake Paul takes Floyd Mayweather's hat at event for brother Logan Paul's fight vs. Apparently incensed that Mayweather called both Pauls "fake fighters" and offered to take on both on the same night, Jake Paul confronted the former champion. "I'm willing to fight both in the same night." Speaking to The Athletic later Thursday, Mayweather said the scuffle was sparked by what he felt was a lack of respect by Paul. Paul, meanwhile, continued to have some fun with it all, posting on Instagram a video of him having "gotcha hat" tattooed into his lower leg. "I just feel inspired," Logan Paul said. Jake Paul's wipeout of Ben Askren in a sideshow boxing fight last month had many believing the whole thing was staged, including Askren's fellow UFC alumnus Daniel Cormier. Play video content SOMEONE STEP UP TMZSports.com To put the PPV #'s into perspective, Paul vs. Mayweather chased down the Paul brothers and punches appeared to be thrown in a melee involving a scrum of security staff. Before the brawl, Logan Paul told AFP he firmly believed he could do what no boxer had ever done before and beat Mayweather. ADVERTISEMENT Article continues below this ad It so happened that Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather had a showdown, which resulted in Jake Paul suffering swelling and bruises around his eye. The two briefly scuffled and had to be separated, as security and others held Logan Paul back. Paul, who has been destroying washed up NBA stars and MMA fighters in the boxing ring since last year, had his first real action against a professional boxer this past Thursday in Miami. Paul should be able to utilize this publicity to create even more buzz around his next trip the boxing ring, which may end up happening against Mayweather after Logan catches his licks next month. Paul has been a staunch supporter of cryptos like Dogecoin and Bitcoin, and told Forbes in February that crypto is "the future..I'm speaking with my friends constantly about it. Mayweather and Paul will fight on June 6.