TL;DR news on Microsoft Teams at December 19, 2022

Microsoft is now hoping that this technology can be used beyond just students in elementary schools to help with reading fluency in special education, adult literacy, and elsewhere. The app has been growing very fast since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, and Microsoft announced last week that it had crossed 145 million Teams daily active users. Teams is the only office product I have installed, it appears to work fine in MS Edge browser, on my iPhone and my iPad. Teams support up to 49 meeting participants at the same time. When sharing to Teams, a popup window will appear asking you to pick which channel or person you want to share with. This summer, Microsoft Whiteboard will make it simpler to upload digital worksheets that you already have to the board, or create new ones using structured organizers that will come with the app. Once enabled, you can also send an email or click on the event button to generate a meeting in Outlook, which can be synced across all other services like Microsoft Teams. Windows has almost no market share for mobile devices and tablets and this could undermine the dominance of Microsoft and one could actually question how durable the moat is in this category.