TL;DR news on Telcoin at December 19, 2022

See also: Best Cryptocurrency Apps Why It Matters: Telcoin is a project aimed at the remittance market. A New Form Of Mobile Payments Telcoin is redesigning mobile payment transactions and gears its efforts towards P2P transfers through network carriers. Although the volume increase aided the price surge, interest in the P2P transfer network spiked as the company developed its product into Telcoin v2. As of the time of writing, Telcoin was trading at just below the 2.8 cents mark. But there was no celebratory meme or juvenile jubilation shared by Telcoin executives across social media touting the price of the $TEL token. For Telcoin, its growing community of supporters is the only thing that looks like anything typical of contemporary crypto. Reason for Telcoin Crypto values growing.