TL;DR news on Andra Day at December 19, 2022

Photo: Chrisean Rose Andra Day had mixed feelings about her weight loss to play Billie Holiday in her feature film debut. "I've had people ask me, 'Do you feel prettier now that you've lost weight?' I was like, 'Hell, no! I liked being juicy! I was cool,' " Day told the outlet. Day previously discussed her weight loss journey before the Hulu biopic dropped in February during Variety's Actors on Actors with Leslie Odom Jr. Hair a gorgeous tangle on top of her head, eyes like almonds, and large, thin hoops framing her high, smooth cheekbones, Day exudes immediate presence. Recently Day went back and read over just those passages and discovered something that has stuck with her: "They were messages of leadership, teaching, revelation, and power. In 2010, fashion designer Kai Millard Morris was in the audience outside of a strip mall in Los Angeles where Day was performing. The social impact of "Rise Up" helped to provide Day with a holistic view of what success means to her. Day gives over every last fiber of her being to become Holiday, so it's no surprise that leaving the performance behind has been difficult. In other interviews, Day described the feeling of letting go of her as an "exorcism" or "a divorce." Now, she says, she's in a different place entirely. And whomever Day is meant to be in her current season, she's inarguably knocking it out of the park, certainly in terms of her own clarity and selfhood. Among other things, this time has allowed Day to indulge in her love of fashion. So, yeah, it's been really fun, because it's been very new for me." Day's willingness to be so open, steered by her vulnerability and compassion for herself, speaks so resolutely to who she is. King's thrill in pulling off the surprise is as glorious and winning as Day's genuine shock. At the Oscars, a handful of stars including Andra Day and Reese Witherspoon wore subtle smoky eyes comprised of summer sunset shades that also happened to match their gowns. I went with an all gold haute glam using Chanel colors in gilded and bronze tones," Cooper said of Day's Oscars makeup. Andra Day wearing Chanel Fine Jewelry for the 2o21 Golden Globe Awards.