TL;DR news on Edwin Poots at June 25, 2023

Clearly, many people across all ages do want to live in a home where life in forfeit to the politics and personal morality of Edwin Poots and his following. Some MLAs are said to have seen that as an attempt to pressure them into backing Mr Poots, despite the widespread desire in the party for a contest. This week a source close to Mr Poots said he did not now think Mr Givan would be first minister if he wins. To mark the visit, Minister Poots planted a mature cherry tree at Ahoghill Nature Park along with two pupils from Fourtowns Primary School. The few DUP colleagues who sat behind Arlene remained stony faced, obviously fearful of annoying their next glorious leader, whichever candidate called Edwin that may turn out to be. Yet that combination is being discussed as a real runner by Camp Poots. Minister Poots has committed to supporting pig producers through these pandemic related reductions in their incomes where possible and the UFU pork and bacon committee welcomes this support.