TL;DR news on Ransomware at December 19, 2022

"The native malware itself does not provide much actual functionality to the operator without the code provided by the plugins." SEE: Ransomware just got very real. Ransomware is a known, ongoing nemesis that never goes out of style among highly organized cyber criminal groups, particularly in the education, healthcare, and banking sectors. The IST Ransomware Task Force identified several recommendations to resolve these challenges, but three sets of recommendations deserve particular attention. On April 29, a group named the Ransomware Task Force, comprising government officials and technology companies including Microsoft Corp. Cuba Ransomware utilizes the symmetric ChaCha20 algorithm for encrypting files, and the asymmetric RSA algorithm for encrypting key information They Told Their Therapists Everything. Ransomware works by encrypting important files, rendering them unable to perform tasks, deliver services or allow access to critical data.