TL;DR news on Miss Universe 2021 at December 19, 2022

That same year, Miss Canada went as the Stanley Cup, complete with hockey sticks. For those confused about the 2020 pageant being held in 2021, the pageant had been postponed due to COVID, according to Newsweek. A military coup, known as The Tatmadaw, had overthrown the government in Myanmar in February 2021, killing hundreds of people who were protesting and pleading for democracy, according to Asia Times. The Miss Universe 2020 Impact Award went to Miss Bolivia Lenka Nemer and the Carnival Spirit Award went to Miss Dominican Republic Kimberly Jimenez. A message from the platform Saturday afternoon, Louis Fonseca Announced that he had the opportunity to test the rehearsal for the final on his social networks Miss Universe 2021. Where can Miss Universe see her? Initial Miss Universe 2021Will be broadcast live on the official Miss Universe channel on Web light.