TL;DR news on Pfizer at December 19, 2022

A Pfizer vaccination clinic is scheduled for next Wednesday, May 26, 2021, at the Bardstown Board of Education building for city school students 12 years of age and older. Somewhat surprising You might find it at least somewhat surprising that Americans would view Moderna's corporate reputation in a better light than Pfizer's. Moderna's coronavirus vaccine was its first product on the market, so the biotech hasn't received the negative publicity that Pfizer and other major drugmakers have. Retail pharmacies are also now offering the Pfizer vaccine to this age group, a county health department spokesperson confirms to Reston Now. The Pfizer vaccine is given in two doses separated by 21 days, and side effects include pain or redness in the shot location, fatigue, fever, and muscle aches. In addition to its possible contract with the EU, Pfizer has reached an agreement with Canada for about 65 million doses through 2023. flu market alone is $7.3 billion, and Pfizer could have a great opportunity to grab market share. There are still lots of questions concerning mRNA vaccines for the flu, and Pfizer has indicated it will take a few more years before anything will be ready for the market. Former Israeli ambassador to the US Ron Dermer said he was on nearly all of the 30 calls between Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla and Netanyahu. Pfizer leader Ben Osborn said that sharing it could lead to a shortage of raw materials "across multiple countries" and may even mean that other vaccines may be unable to fulfil their obligations. According to the company's earnings report, Pfizer also plans to apply for an Emergency Use Authorization for a booster shot that could defend against Covid variants in the second half of July. Takeaway Pfizer is one of the largest health care companies in the world, and the favorable macroeconomic environment paints a promising picture of what the future holds for the company. Its stock probably won't jump soon and a dividend cut is possible As powerful and profitable as Pfizer is, its stock isn't going to double or triple in value. In this Motley Fool Live video recorded on May 5, Motley Fool contributors Keith Speights and Brian Orelli discuss just how big Pfizer's opportunity in India could be. The ruling had been a victory for Pfizer and Merck KGaA unit EMD Serono Inc., which had been accused of infringing the.. Appointments can also be made at any of the Monument Health locations across the Black Hills that are currently offering the Pfizer vaccine. Looking to the future There are two reasons behind some Wall Street analysts' cautious view of Pfizer. A different perspective It might seem like all of Wall Street is skeptical about Pfizer based on the relatively muted performance of the big pharma stock. Look for Pfizer to do everything it possibly can to retain market share for all of its drugs, including seeking to enforce other patents to retain exclusivity. Responding to the criticism, Pfizer said that the recommendation is based on the current scenario when the virus is still circulating and it could change once the pandemic comes under control.