TL;DR news on Bitcoin price at December 19, 2022

As I wrote here in February 2014, people who have been infected with the Bitcoin brain virus are not dissuaded from owning it by a plunge in its price. There are about 18.7 million Bitcoins in circulation and only 2.3 million yet to be mined. Galaxy Digital CEO and Chairman Mike Novogratz remains a Bitcoin bull. The Quiz Discover what kind of forex trader you are Start Quiz While Bitcoin is no stranger to volatility, months of gains have seen much of that volatility limited to the upside. Crypto bulls faced a rude awakening this week, however, as Bitcoin pierced major support around the $46,750 and $43,000 levels. That Sunday, Elon Musk spoke against Bitcoin, and rumors surfaced on the web that Tesla plans to get rid of its Bitcoin stash. Bitcoin Price Predictions 2021: Where Will BTC Go Next? Overall, there have been more bearish takes popping up than the usual regarding Bitcoin. The site was correct in that prediction, which leads into its second prediction of a lower price consolidation incoming. It predicts a high of over $78,000 for Bitcoin by December. MATIC price. However, today we are seeing more and more cases of altcoin prices remaining mostly unaffected by even the most dramatic BTC price swings. In the chart here, the white line represents the value of SOL against Bitcoin rather than the dollar. The latest drama says price volatility is going to be part of the crypto market for some time to come and speculators who want to play in the space must be prepared. Just as in microcap stocks, price movements, volatility and risks are high. TECHNICAL OUTLOOK Bitcoin collapsed below $40,000, triggering a waterfall of stop orders. Bitcoin at one point, reached USD 30,000 mark, Ether broke below USD 2,000 and the NASDAQ Crypto index fell sharply down 34 percent from its May 11 highs. In a new tweet, PlanB reiterates his view regarding where we are in the current bull cycle, asserting that Bitcoin is only a few months into its bull run.