TL;DR news on Microsoft Teams at December 19, 2022

Once call routing is configured on both CUCM and Teams, users from both environments can communicate with each other. If developers become less interested in building and updating apps for Windows, organizations might consider moving to alternatives, which could threaten a meaningful piece of Microsoft's business. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella told the assembled throngs at its virtual Build 2021 developers conference that there would be another event "soon" about the next Windows. In 2019, Microsoft announced Azure Arc, which allows resources from competing clouds such as Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform managed through Azure. And as Teams usage expands globally, Atmos provides needed data ownership compliance via its locational storage options and flexible licensing options. Because Atmos captures Teams recordings directly inside the Azure fabric, we were able to implement location strategies that ensure customer compliance with growing data sovereignty regulations. Teams with an inclusive culture that value listening create a better environment in which people with different perspectives, cultures and styles can thrive. Source: Microsoft Thanks to its pending acquisition of Nuance Communications, Microsoft will soon have a suite of software tools that doctors use to automatically keep notes on meetings with patients. After hearing from a reader about a phony Microsoft Authenticator extension that appeared on the Google Chrome Store, KrebsOnSecurity began looking at the profile of the account that created it. As with the knockoff Microsoft extension, all three reviews were positive, and all were authored by accounts with first and last names, like Megan Vance, Olivia Knox, and Alison Graham. Then eBay, which bought it in 2006, sold it for over three times the price to Microsoft in 2011. Microsoft will contribute to this initiative by providing key technological knowledge so that they can face the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.