TL;DR news on Coach K at December 19, 2022

02, 2021 SHARE Duke men's basketball head coach Mike Krzyzewski will retire after the next season, according to reporters with Stadium and ESPN. Krzyzewski is a Hall of Fame coach with a resume that is respected not only in the NCAA but also around the country. ___ This report has been corrected to show Duke hired Krzyzewski in March 1980, not May 1980. Kim Reynolds delivers her Condition of the State address before a joint.. Early on, he was credited with his development of Duke's guards, namely Tyus Jones and Luke Kennard. ADVERTISEMENT Article continues below this ad The Blue Devils beat the Kansas Jayhawks in the final by seven points, to get their first ever NCAA tournament title. 11 years since his appointment, Coach Krzyzewski finally got his first big triumph and there began a college basketball legacy. With the end of Mike Krzyzewski's long run at Duke finally in sight, Northwestern's Chris Collins finds himself in a tough strait. Ten years ago, as the loyal lead assistant of "Coach K," he was heir apparent and had passed on a chance to assume the reins at Indiana. Keep in mind, he's still got a full season high school ball ahead of him, with more opportunity to turn heads and open doors. LOOK: 50 images of winning moments from sports history Sometimes images are the best way to honor the figures we've lost.