TL;DR news on Jake Paul at February 19, 2023

Who is he? What has he done? Where is he in his career to be accepting this fight? And, most pertinent, can he box? Here's what you need to know about Paul's next opponent. Speaking to the media ahead of his fight against the undefeated Jordan Grant, Tommy Fury has had his say on Jake Paul's fight with Tyron Woodley. They never confirmed they were together, but it was clear there was something there when Rose appeared at Paul's fight on 17th April. "We were just arguing a lot," said Paul, speaking about the couple's first breakup to ET Online. I'll never know what the future holds and I will always love Jake and everything we did. The two dated and appeared to get married in a YouTube video in June 2017, but Paul denied they had actually tied the knot. Costell's 2018 song 'Chitty Bang' also features Paul. She was part of Jake Paul's Team 10 dance group and quit after a year. Violet also dated Logan Paul for a short stint. Dan Wolken and Paul Myerberg address the dramatic games and events in our College Football Fix podcast. That saying couldn't be any more true heading into Sunday's exhibition bout against Logan Paul. Paul" show. In early 2020, Jake said he wanted to "avenge" his brother Logan's loss in his own fight with KSI, but the pair have yet to fight. The company followed that up with Jake Paul vs.