TL;DR news on Lisa McVey at December 19, 2022

The film is based on a true story and recreates what happened to Lisa McVey, who was abducted by a serial killer when she was 17. Lisa is played by Katie Douglas, who you might recognise from Ginny and Georgia, and the film recalls her ordeal of being held and tortured for 26 hours by the killer. The first screening of the movie was attended by the real Lisa McVey. Just hours before she was taken, Lisa McVey had been planning to take her own life, but now says her ordeal made her determined to survive. After killing 10, Long abducted Lisa. Lisa had spotted a rare feature in the car from under her blindfold and Long stopped at a cashpoint on the way to letting her go. "That was my motivation to become a police officer," Lisa has said. McVey, knowing that escaping the apartment was her only chance of survival, told Long that she was an only child and she needed to care for her sick father. Lisa later said her experience of child sexual abuse helped her talk Long out of killing her. McVey, sat in the front row to watch his execution.