TL;DR news on Lexi Thompson at December 19, 2022

What happened to Thompson in her quest to become the first American to win a women's Major since 2018, could have happened to any one of us. Thompson stepped into the Olympic history books with her collapse, rivaling Arnold Palmer squandering a 7 shot lead over Billy Casper in the 1966, never even made it to a playoff. CFB: Auburn, Texas A&M Facing "Critical" Games On Saturday Sep 14, 2022 8:36 AM EDT "I really didn't feel like I hit any bad golf shots,'' said Thompson, who won her only Major 7 years ago. Thompson's 10 foot putt was two feet short and the collapse was complete. She Always Has next article Uehara Leads In Portland With Green and Korda Close Behind 07 Jun 2021 Sirak: Look for Lexi to Bounce Back. That Thompson has already competed in 52 LPGA Tour major championships says a lot about the long and winding road she has traveled. Each time she gets off the canvass, Lexi is a little stronger, a little wiser. She tried her best to smile her way through her struggles, but you could see when the doubt started to set in with Thompson, that smile masking a sense of resignation. Thompson stumbled coming home, making three bogeys and a double to post a closing 75 and finish third, adding to her list of major disappointments. Tied for sixth are Nelly Korda, Sei Young Kim, Nanna Koerstz Madsen and Lexi Thompson with 18 points. The fairway looked barely wider than the walking path coming off the tee and, needing a par to tie, Thompson hit it with a long iron before dumping a short iron into the front bunker. And that would scoop the likes of Thompson, Nordqvist, Pedersen and Hall valuable prize money during a crucial summer of golf on the globetrotting tour circuit. Thompson not only lost two shots but a big slab of confidence at that 11th and with Shanshan Feng, Meghan Khang, Yuka Saso and Nasa Hataoka all applying pressure, the game was on. The record books will also show Lexi Thompson finished third behind Saso and Hataoka after a back nine 41, a finish that will be heavily scrutinised for a long time to come.