TL;DR news on Delta variant at December 19, 2022

There was concern the old naming system might decrease the likelihood of countries reporting new variants in future, for fear their country would be blamed for the variant. And as these variants continue to evolve, the likelihood that some of them will bypass the vaccine and create another surge, another need for COVID therapeutics, is high. variant, B117, now named alpha. Dr Julian Tang, clinical virologist at Leicester University, urged caution in the easing of restrictions in light of increasing numbers of cases of the variant. READ | Seth Rogen announces release date of 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' reboot It is mentioned by Public Health England as a "spike mutation of interest", but it is not categorised as a variant. Jazz Atwal, deputy chief provincial public health officer, said Friday both the Cadham Provincial Laboratory in Winnipeg and the national lab are both working on screens for the variant. B.1.617.2, a strain of coronavirus, has been named Delta by the World Health Organization earlier this week. Genome sequencing, the process of determining the DNA sequence of an organism, helps chart a particular virus strain's journey like the UK variant carried from London to Delhi and Punjab.