TL;DR news on Internet outage at December 19, 2022

The outage was connected to Fastly, a provider of cloud computing services used by scores of companies to improve the speed and reliability of their websites. But as the Fastly network outage reveals: new dependencies and new vulnerabilities are emerging and it is not obvious if those responsible for homeland security are always one step ahead. huge web outage going on right now. According to a report by BBC, cloud computing provider Fastly, which underpins a lot of major websites, said it was behind the outage. It took out a major fiber hub and power lines which in turn burned the fiber cable that transmits the Internet access to the Island. Internet access has returned to Fishers Island. Websites affected by the outage appear to be gradually coming back online, but loading times are slow. They came back after outages that ranged from a few minutes to around an hour early in the morning in the United States but middle of the day in Europe. As a result of this centralisation of online infrastructure, a single issue anywhere in one of these networks could cause widespread outages. Consumer champion Martin Lewis also warned people to be wary of scam websites appearing at the top of search results during the outage. In fact, a nationwide internet outage for even an hour would cost the US economy a whopping $303 billion. Not only that but the eCommerce giant would be out $734,399 for mere 60 seconds of internet outage across the globe.