TL;DR news on Loki at December 19, 2022

Laufey rejected Loki on account of his small size and Odin took pity on the baby left to die after a battle between the two races. There has always been a strong push amongst some fans for Tony and Loki to be in a relationship, so that really came to the forefront after Loki's comments. The TVA brings Loki to its headquarters, where the group explains that it helps the Time Keepers protect the Sacred Timeline. Suspicion surely arises from Loki, who is skeptical of their existence. The clip, recorded by an omnipotent TVA, suggests that Loki himself, and all the people he tried to enslave, were never free to begin with. Even before they were released, on the other hand, anticipation for Loki was through the roof. Ahead of the series premiere, Marvel fans speculated that Lady Loki would be added to the mix after seeing the actress in some leaked set photos. Sophia Di Martino is in a Loki costume. Getting Lady Loki vibes. Loki has never looked more terrified and immediately scrambles for his ticket to the show the guard, hoping to be spared the same fate as the unknown character. Just like how Loki switches facades smoothly to facilitate whatever nefarious scheme he's up to, the show also draws on aspects from different genres without easily being defined as one or the other. It follows the adventures of Loki after the events of Avengers: Endgame, where the titular trickster has escaped with a powerful artifact in tow. Among other things, Loki is nowthe first canonically queer superhero in the MCU,his gender fluidity having been confirmed by Tom Hiddleston. Tom Hiddleston's delight at playing this character is palpable on screen, and it's clear that he enjoys every minute of being able to show great range as Loki. Therefore, their cries for Wanda in the season finale could result in her seeking them out in a different dimension or timeline, which is where the fan theory linking Loki to WandaVision comes in. 5: Do These Clues Reveal The Secret Villain Behind the TVA? | MCU Canon Fodder]12:29 Loki Ep.