TL;DR news on E3 at December 19, 2022

We had our fun predicting things last week, but now it's time to blow off all the E3 steam for real with our Back Page predictions. There we have it: several very believable, totally real E3 predictions. Also this was probably my favorite article I've read about E3. Gaming journalists and news sites will praise Nintendo for taking Metroid in this bold new direction and will immediately hand Nintendo awards and say "they've won E3". From wonderful presenters who remind us why we love video games to the horrors of giving Jamie Kennedy a microphone, these are the best and worst E3 moments ever: 20. Actually, it might be the only comedic E3 presentation to not completely bomb. This is a deceivingly simple moment in the history of E3 that is amplified by just how rare it is for a game like Final Fantasy VII to actually appear at E3. While many E3s feature console war battles, few battles have ever ended up dictating the success of individual consoles quite the way that this one did. Needless to say, the hype surrounding an eventual sequel was at a fevered pitch by the time E3 2003 rolled around. Bungie later admitted that they could not replicate the footage that they showed at E3 and had to basically rebuild Halo 2 from scratch. Those that watch it are certainly hoping they will see great games revealed for the first time, but they also hope that E3 will show them something entirely unexpected. Sega took to the humble E3 1995 stage and debuted a sizzle reel of all the great things the Sega Saturn could do and how it would change the world forever. SKT expects E3 2021 to raise the awareness of console games created by Korean game developers and help these developers expand into the global market. I'm actually just for birds, in general, which is making this year's E3 a delight so far: there have been trailers for at least three delightful games starring birds. Far Cry 6 Far Cry 6 has had a great showing at this years E3, but a gameplay trailer showcasing the games varied arsenal of weapons was show off during the Xbox showcase. Devolver Digital We're at a point now where it just isn't E3 without a crazy Devolver Digital cinematic showcase. Shadow Warrior 3 We got a much better look at the upcoming Shadow Warrior 3 at E3. Ubisoft E3 2021 Conference We already know a little more about the showing from Ubisoft this year. Advertisement For Bethesda we hope to see more at E3 from The Elder Scrolls 6, Starfield and anything they have in store for Doom, The Evil Within and Prey. Xbox will be keen to put in a better showing this E3 for Halo: Infinite as well as show what's next for Forza, Fable, Perfect Dark and more. Advertisement Nintendo often keep their cards very close to their chest ahead of E3, meaning mostly rampant speculation around what will be shown. Upload VR returned to E3 with its third annual showcase of the most inventive and intriguing games coming to VR. Be sure to bookmark Shacknews' E3 2021 topic page, as it will serve as our hub for every piece of information coming out of the event. Anything but a new mainline game Still, each and every year we hope for a new mainline Splinter Cell game to be announced at E3, and each year, we leave the show disappointed. Ubisoft announced Just Dance 2022 during its official Ubisoft Forward E3 2021 livestream showcase on June 12, 2021. For our guide to the remaining showcases throughout E3 2021, head over to our full E3 2021 schedule guide for more. First off, how do you stream E3? TheE3 Site includes a portal for fans to register and stream the various events.