TL;DR news on Xbox Series X at February 19, 2023

Redfall is pitched as a game where you and three friends take on legions of vampires and yes, like Starfield, it's Xbox exclusive and coming to Game Pass on day one. Similarly, we saw nothing new from InXile Entertainment or Compulsion Games, the We Happy Few developer has been radio silent since it was acquired in 2018. XOX was good for what it was. I would gladly surrender a little more internal SSD space on the Series X to have even more Quick Resume titles saved up, more so if they could be saved when switching between Retail Mode and Dev Mode. I would say the UI, which is just an updated crossbar or whatever they call it, is more "next gen" than the Xbox UI for sure but the PS5 hardware is ugly IMHO. Beyond no more Kinect compatibility, I really love my Series X. Xbox Series X Online Stock Although this type of news is usually met with positivity, the news wasn't that well received by the masses as people started complaining. Super Resolution could be yet another feature that helps boost the performance of upcoming, anticipated Xbox games like Fable, Forza Motorsport and Everwild without sacrificing precious framerate. By George YangTwitter: @Yinyangfooey on June 12, 2021 at 2:50PM PDT 12 Comments During Devolver Digital's E3 2021showcase, Trek to Yomi was announced for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. Nintendo, Xbox, Bethesda, Square Enix, Sega, Bandai Namco, Ubisoft, Capcom, and others will deliver new video game announcements, trailers, release dates, and more. But for those with Xbox Live Gold, it offers the perfect time to try out ARK Survival Evolved, Fallout 76, or Football Manager 2021. Still, when I heard that there was a collection of the three Xbox games coming out, I had to check it out to see if my mind could go on a bit of a nostalgia trip. "We're also developing standalone streaming devices that you can plug into a TV or monitor, so if you have a strong internet connection, you can stream your Xbox experience," the post goes on. Xbox's Phil Spencer has previously hinted at these developments, saying in November that he would expect the TV app to land within a year. At the same time though I think people are getting more fed up because they're hearing what Sony is offering with PS5 compared to Xbox. The Difference was that Companies had to release different versions because they didn't have the option to release an 'Xbox' version with different settings depending on which gen console you played. We could be on to the RTX 4000 series before Xbox has a competent lineup of first party titles, which will make it an after thought for many gamers on the fence. Prepare to show off your wildest tricks and dominate the mountains and canyons, and for all the latest information visit ridersrepublic.com and keep it tuned here to Xbox Wire. Unfortunately though, the upgrade process is unnecessarily confusing on Xbox. That's like saying "Oh hey, X developer just released a generous patch for Y game that gives you modern resolution access" on a PC game. It does have the added bonus of being compatible with those older Xbox controllers, but it looks like a peripheral from the early 2000s.