TL;DR news on David Bowie at August 26, 2023

]TriStar Pictures Henson and Bowie, along with producer George Lucas, acted as Labyrinth's fantastical braintrust behind the scenes. It looked like David Bowie would be forever known as the "Major Tom guy". The trip would become the inspiration for the 2020 film Stardust] David Bowie during his promo tour of the US in January 1971. The festival was filmed by Nicolas Roeg, who would later work with Bowie on his feature The Man Who Fell To Earth and released in May 1972 as the movie Glastonbury Fayre. However due to the late running of the festival, Bowie was offered a midnight slot, but this was changed after there was some opposition from locals about music being played this late. Therefore, David Bowie played his first ever Glastonbury set around 5am on the morning of Wednesday 23 June, accompanied by his new musical partner, guitarist Mick Ronson. In 2000, just before he returned to Glastonbury for his second ever appearance, Bowie wrote in Time Out: "All I can remember is staggering out of the Worthy farmhouse at some ungodly hour. Memory Of A Free Festival was written about Bowie's own involvement in the Beckenham Free Festival in Bromley, which had taken place in August 1969. "A Dutch girl, even more stoned than myself, insisted on jumping onstage to duet with me," remembered Bowie some twenty years later. The reason was, they felt, that the Glastonbury set didn't represent where Bowie was going. On Thursday, it sold for $88,000 U.S., by far the highest price ever paid for artwork by rock icon David Bowie.