TL;DR news on Canada heatwave at April 22, 2023

Canada's southern neighbour, the United States, has also seen extreme heat. US President Joe Biden has also linked the heatwave to climate change in a speech. To change that, members of the Extreme Heat Resilience Alliance want to begin giving heatwaves names and ratings, like hurricanes. The heat has been attributed to a dome of atmospheric high pressure over the upper US Northwest and Canada, similar to conditions that punished California and southwestern states earlier this month. The heatwave was expected to ease somewhat west of the Cascade range by today but persist through the week to the east of those mountains, it added. Fire is likely to spread across Western Canada in the next week, and the summer could produce an active fire season, said Mike Flannigan, professor of wildland fire at University of Alberta. Environment Canada has issued alerts for British Columbia, Alberta, and parts of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon, and the Northwest Territories. At least a dozen deaths in Washington and Oregon are believed to be linked to the heatwave. Certainly, there can be no doubting that the summer oven now baking California and Canada are unusual and are likely caused by climate change. Dr Rogers moved from Melbourne to Portland in 2019 to study heatwaves. canada heatwaveAustralian scientist Cassandra Rogers is in the hot seat this week. Photo: Supplied Heat buckles infrastructure Dr Rogers said despite a huge effort to prepare Portland for the heatwave, unexpected impacts were popping up across the city.