TL;DR news on Lambda variant at December 19, 2022

In Peru, lambda has accounted for 81 percent of new infections tested for variants since April, according to the World Health Organization. Six cases of Lambda have been identified across the UK to date, all have been linked to overseas travel. WHO said variant has multiple mutations in the spike protein that could have an impact on its transmissibility but more studies are needed to fully understand the mutations. Lambda variant in India India has not recorded any Lambda variant cases yet, however, it has seen a surge in Delta and Delta Plus variant cases. According to UK health officials, there is currently no evidence that this variant causes more severe disease or renders the vaccines currently deployed any less effective. And its feared should a new variant take hold, further lockdowns may needed to clamp down and stop the spread and save lives. "Such supervariants could bring the world back to square one. But experts stress that completing vaccination will be crucial as the highly transmissible Delta variant of Covid continues its spread, the report said.