TL;DR news on Nintendo Switch at December 29, 2022

In short, I would be surprised to see the OLED Switch convince many brand new buyers, or cause $200 Switch Lite people to upgrade. This is of course, excluding collector types who will buy every Switch model like they bought every 3DS and Game Boy model previously. There's no getting around the fact that this title is not particularly well optimised for Switch, which is disappointing considering the stellar work that went into Rise. In this case, a game developed for the Switch first by one of the 3rd party developers that works closely with Nintendo and yet it has very noticeable performance problems. A Switch that would have made little difference to the Game. I'm hoping moving forward we won't see publishers throwing their titles on the Switch if it's an inferior experience. 80M+ Switch's have sold and still selling, no way in hell were Nintendo going to tell them all they need this new Switch if they want to play this game or that game or that game well. Something that could be likely fixed by simply asking Capcom to cap FPS rate at 30FPS on Switch or at least making it an option in settings. I am reserving judgement until future trailers as these pictures were obtained from "filming" a Switch screen, not actual game footage. The only clear upgrade it has over the Switch or Switch Lite you probably already own is that it can output 1080p on your TV over 720p and can directly connect to the internet. Nintendo has done themselves a big favor by waiting a year after the launch of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X and S, both of which are now in extremely short supply with very high demand. Credit: Nintendo Update 12.1.0 also includes general stability improvements for the Nintendo Switch, although the notes do not specify what they are. Shiota, who oversees Nintendo hardware, says his background makes him gravitate towards physical products like Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, which he plays with his kids. If you like to game on the Switch while commuting to work or outside, the new OLED model gives you higher contrast and vivid colours. It still very much retains a Nintendo focus, however, with art and doodles from various Nintendo games framed on the walls, and a Legend of Zelda jingle playing as you walk through the door. It's only a matter of time before Nintendo spills the beans around its plans for both the Switch console and Animal Crossing.