TL;DR news on Lie With Me at August 27, 2023

Picture: Channel 5 Facebook share Twitter share Channel 5's Lie With Me episode guide: How many episodes are there and when is it on? Channel 5 is back with a brand new drama called Lie With Me. Picture: Channel 5 Meanwhile, her husband, Jake, is played by renowned Australian actor, Brett Tucker. How many episode of Lie With Me are there? There are four episoes of the drama, which are stripped across this week. In 2021 Phoebe starred in Lie With Me playing Becky, a young au pair who comes to work for the Fallmont family. She plays Anna, a woman who relocates to Melbourne with her Australian husband and their two children for a fresh start. Even Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were a long way from home, but it makes sense the pair showed up, given that the Duke of Sussex reportedly always had a close relationship with his grandmother. Lie With Me stars Charlie Brooks, who is known for playing Janine Butcher in BBC soap EastEnders. Our NHS: A Hidden History With the NHS celebrating its 73rd birthday, the BBC has produced a poignant documentary, tracking some of the people who work within it. Meanwhile, Lily gives Tara her blessing for her to move wherever she wishes. The actress said: "Lie With Me is such an exciting new show and Neighbours has had connected audiences here in Australia and the UK for so long. Ingbert Liebing, head of the German association of local utilities, VKU, who has previously warned about insolvencies in the sector, said they could need tens of billions of euros.