TL;DR news on Ursula von der Leyen at August 28, 2023

Protocol Elsewhere, Ms von der Leyen and Mr Martin suggested it was for Britain rather than Europe to display flexibility on issues relating to the Northern Ireland protocol. Italy holds a summit of G20 leaders until the end of October. von der Leyen said. This was a risk worth taking in order to reach an agreement, he claimed. Mr Bluemel wrote in the letter: "A key lesson after the financial crisis was the need to reduce high debt ratios and increase fiscal sustainability in order to prepare for unforeseen future events. In order to actually become policy, it needs to be approved by member nations and the EU Parliament, which could be a bit of a fight. For anyone who has been living under a rock, Croatian entrepreneur Mate Rimac has taken over no less than Bugatti, and you can read more about that remarkable business move here. In multiple interviews with Fortune, some experts and stakeholders voiced their concerns about its feasibility, legality, and desirability even among the very industries it was designed to protect. I was delighted to be in TU Dublin today to meet President von der Leyen and Commissioner McGuinness to see the excellent facilities that are being developed there that will benefit from EU funding. The second letter will concern an obligation imposed for a publisher of a children's book to include a disclaimer that says the book shows "behaviour deviating from traditional gender roles". We must rectify the damage done and hold world leaders and businesses accountable for ensuring that the entire world recovers from this pandemic together. The suspected gangland leader, Ridouan Taghi, was extradited to the Netherlands from Dubai in 2019. Holleeder was sentenced to life imprisonment. She also promised that "more will come" and that this was just the start of a "much broader" program of support for African vaccine and medicine manufacturing. He had received threats in the past from the criminal underworld in connection with his work. Two men who were arrested on a highway shortly after the July 6 shooting, one of them a Polish national, remain in custody as murder suspects. In 2013 Willem Holleeder, one of the Heineken kidnappers, was convicted of making threats against De Vries, who had helped police in murder cases which ultimately led to a life sentence for Holleeder. In 2019 Ridouan Taghi, currently on trial for murder and drug trafficking, took the unusual step of making a public statement denying reports that he had threatened to have De Vries killed. Automakers "that have been bolder and invested heavily early on in electrification will have a significant advantage," IHS Markit said. This derailed plans by OPEC+ to boost output in August and beyond to meet rising demand. This was the first time Finchem has publicly confirmed speaking on the matter with federal officials. Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders Miami Herald Advertisement Advertisement Express. Von der Leyen, Germany's former defense minister, wants to modernize Europe through renewable energy and digitalization. Under the law, the EU is also required to become climate neutral by 2050. In signing the Paris Agreement, world leaders agreed to become legally required to reduce carbon emissions and stop the planet from warming beyond 2 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels by 2050. The EU's Green Deal likely will feature prominently when world leaders meet in Glasgow for the annual U.N. Now, the Orban administration is banning LGBTQ people from appearing in school materials or on TV shows for people under 18. The ban is part of a wider law to prevent child abuse, but Radvanyi says the government is intentionally conflating homosexuality with pedophilia to stigmatize LGBTQ communities.