TL;DR news on Jordan Eberle at April 22, 2023

Plus how often do we see Eberle, whose strength is scoring goals, go through downright awful scoring droughts, especially in the playoffs. With Bailey and Eberle as the most significant players left exposed, we can be fairly confident that Seattle is taking one of them. Eberle may have a slightly higher offensive ceiling, with good hands and finishing ability, but is mainly only dangerous from in close, once New York is already set up in the offensive zone. Bailey is a good playmaker but what sets him apart from Eberle is his defensive play. That said, whether it be Kieffer Bellows, Otto Koivula or someone else, nobody would bring the same value as Bailey or Eberle and as a result, this seems unlikely. I think Bailey would probably be the better pick for the Kraken, based on what he brings at a lower cap hit, but it's just as likely that Eberle could be taken. When Athanasiou walked to free agency, it was the last element of the Eberle tree to die in Edmonton. Reports from this morning indicated that the Kraken would be going with Eberle over Bailey, but that can only be confirmed once the draft happens tonight. Eberle, is a top six forward who has been consistently excellent at driving scoring chances. Francis, how about Jordan Eberle? Though many Islanders fans are ready to buy Josh Bailey an Amtrak ticket to Seattle, too. Eberle was traded to the New York Islanders for Ryan Strome June 22, 2017, one day after the Vegas expansion, so Eberle was only written onto the Oilers protected list in pencil.