Lambda variant

for 2021-07-22

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Lambda variant of COVID-19 identified at Texas hospital. Is it worse than delta? - USA TODAY more

'I'm sorry, but it's too late' - unvaccinated patients beg for shot; new infections nearly triple in two weeks: COVID news - USA TODAY more

Novant doctor says lambda variant not yet in North Carolina - WCNC.com more

COVID-19 Updates: Delta variant accounts for 4 out of 5 cases - WABC-TV more

Do vaccines protect against the delta variant? What to know about symptoms, testing as cases rise - Palm Beach Post more

'I'm sorry, but it's too late' - unvaccinated patients beg for shot; here comes the lambda variant: COVID news - Yahoo News more

Understanding the difference between the COVID-19 variants - WJTV more

COVID-19 surge creates wave of infections and concerns of doctors and local officials - Florida Today more

J&J shot may be significantly less effective against delta variant, small study hints - Becker's Hospital Review more

What to know about rising COVID-19 cases, Delta variant and the Johnson & Johnson vaccine - Yahoo News more

Florida doctor: Delta variant ‘disproportionately affecting communities of color’ - Yahoo News more

ER physician blames right wing media outlets for spreading vaccine misinformation - Yahoo News more

News study questions Johnson & Johnson vaccine's efficacy against the delta variant - Yahoo News more

Covid-19: Let’s not drop our guard as variant threat is real - Khaleej Times more

Life is short - USA TODAY more

Live Updates: Republicans Will Block Vote to Proceed with Infrastructure Debate - Barron's more

In this summer of covid freedom, disease experts warn: 'The world needs a reality check' - The Washington Post more

Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, and Cathie Wood Attempt to Ride to Bitcoin’s Rescue - Barron's more

Q&A: Alpha, beta, gamma, delta -- how variants of the COVID-19 virus continue to evolve - Camden News more

Covid world: Lambda variant is twice as infectious as Wuhan strain - Herald Sun more

Experts Claim COVID-19 Vaccine Now Much Needed Due To Delta Variant—Coronavirus Survivors Also Need Shots - Tech Times more

U.S. weighs sanctions on Cuban officials over reaction to protests -State Dept - Yahoo News more

Aquatennial Torchlight Parade Returns In Downtown Minneapolis - Yahoo News more

Dr. Gottlieb: Virus now is largely an epidemic among the unvaccinated - Yahoo News more

Heavy Rainfall Creates Waterfalls in Utah National Park - Yahoo News more

Stop using birdfeeders, birdbaths after 'mystery illness' - Yahoo News more

Canada pivoting vaccine plan as supplies begin to outstrip demand: Brodie - CTV News more

Fosun-BioNTech mRNA Vaccine Nears China Green Light - Scrip more

32 snacks make the first cut for 2021 State Fair Big Tex Choice Awards - Yahoo News more

CDC's Easing of Mask Mandate is 'Premature' Says Former Surgeon General - Tech Times more

Police investigating two shooting incidents with connections to Jewel Nightclub - Yahoo News more

Yuengling to expand Tampa brewery into massive entertainment complex with concert venue, restaurants - Yahoo News more

Ohio store provides affordable clothing and community to the transgender community - Yahoo! Voices more

A journey like no other: Luke Loucks' path from Florida State to Nigerian sidelines - Yahoo News more

Survey reveals neighbors are concerned about Nashville Speedway expansion - Yahoo News more

University of Colorado study looks at impact of marijuana use on physical performance - Yahoo News more

19-year-old who 3D printed thousands of pieces of PPE wants STEM to be more diverse - Yahoo! Voices more

Starbucks employee left ‘panicking’ after bizarre workplace mishap - Yahoo News more

Police still looking for family of baby found at RTA bus station in Cleveland’s Glenville neighborhood - Flipboard more

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