TL;DR news on Tyler Boucher at April 22, 2023

However, with an open second tier, Ottawa went with the guy they like the most, which is Boucher. Son of Brian Boucher. "He played goalie a few times in a summer league where they were switching goalies around, and he had goalie gear," said hockey broadcast analyst Brian Boucher, Tyler's father. I think she had a tough enough time with my career, so she didn't want to relive the torture again." Said Tyler, "I liked goalie, but at the same time, I kind of wanted to do my own thing. I look up to my dad a lot but wanted to carve my own path and be my own person." Brian Boucher, chosen No. Boucher had a difficult season, first coming down with pneumonia before undergoing arthroscopic knee surgery in April. Boucher is off to Boston University next season. But off the puck, Boucher is extremely intelligent and always a threat to steal the puck with a stick lift here or there.