TL;DR news on Jessica Fox at February 19, 2023

Fox was third on the leaderboard when she returned to the course for her second run, which marked Sunday's final race. Fox was last seen alive in March, and her body was discovered in the River Raisin, near Tecumseh, in April. Fox completed her first race at Kasai in 104.05 seconds, trailing only German Ricarda Funk by 2.15. Fox said only a handful of women were competing in both K1 and C1 in Tokyo, but she had been doing so at international level for more than a decade and was used to it. Fox is fired up to be on the podium, warning she had her "blue steel" look on. She'll battle Australia's Jessica Fox, who has 15 slalom world medals and two Olympic podium finishes. "Every run especially in this weather, in this heat my heart rate soars, It's like paddling in bath water," Fox said after her second run. The Olyroos, coming off their outstanding opening win over Argentina, meet Spain while Jessica Fox, chasing an elusive gold medal, has her first runs in the K1 preliminaries. School Sport Unit sports strategy and planning coordinator Darren Lang said Fox had participated in canoeing at the Combined High Schools Sports Association State Championships in 2006 and 2007. In Newcastle, students at Belmont High have used the Olympics and supporting one of their former stars, trampolinist Jessica Pickering, as a learning tool. If Fox progresses to the Final, it will be held on Thursday, July 29 at 4.45pm.