TL;DR news on Toby Love Island at June 14, 2023

Tonight's Love Island ended on a dramatic cliffhanger, right in the middle of the recoupling ceremony, but not before Toby left Abigail Rawlings high and dry. She took that trust all the way to the recoupling where she doubled down on sticking with Toby. Love Island host Laura Whitmore warned her that if Toby walked in a with a new girl from Casa Amor, Abi would left single and at risk of going home. Toby then reentered the main villa with Mary Bedford to sounds of shocked gasps from the girls in the main Villa. While Toby tried to apologise to Abi, remained stoic and used the well worn Love Island phrase, "it is what it is." But Toby's ex, Chloe, was having none of it and shook her head madly at him. Toby grimaced as he told the assembled contestants he had expected Abigail to also recouple with one of the newcomers.