TL;DR news on Bulls at February 19, 2023

Obviously, we didn't come here for anything less than that gold medal." It's the second time in the last month the USA team will play Spain with former Bulls center Pau Gasol and his brother Marc. "Our defense did a really good job of picking up and getting to the ball and then being able to rebound," said Jrue Holiday, who helped hold Bulls guard and Czech star Tomas Satoransky to 12 points. Though Sunday could be a bigger day for Satoransky's Bulls future with the deadline for the Bulls to fully guarantee his contract for next season. The Bulls finished last season 12th in defensive efficiency, showing that Billy Donovan does have a solid system in place for team defense. Bringing in someone like Reggie Bullock gives the Bulls another seasoned vet who is reliable on defense. With the fourth overall pick in the first round of the 2020 NBA Draft Lottery, the Bulls selected a fellow former Florida State freshman forward Patrick Williams. Team USA repeatedly harassed the Czech Republic ballhandlers, which included Chicago Bulls guard Tomas Satoransky, forcing them to begin their halfcourt sets with little time left on the shot clock. He was burdened by injury last season, but when at the peak of his powers two years ago, he tallied 31 tackles and two interceptions for the Bulls. Bulls coach Billy Donovan had success with Schroder in Oklahoma City and is believed to be interested in a possible reunion. DurhamBulls: ALL RISE for Wool E. Rob Schaefer of NBC Sports described the scenario where the Bulls might be willing to give up Satoransky for draft assets or cap relief.