TL;DR news on Medal table at August 28, 2023

GB are sixth in the medal table after diving bronze and five silvers across sailing, cycling, boxing and athletics. The UK is on page five of our table. There are others, such as India with 1.35 billion people, that often finds themselves at the bottom of most medal tables. Despite all the data, the unpredictable nature of sports and individual athletes' ability makes the final results far from certain. The East Midlands did not have a majority of athletes born there in any sport, but was tied on several, including golf, swimming and table tennis. But a new force has established itself at the Tokyo Olympics, propelling Great Britain up the medal table: Team Tom. After another rush of successes yesterday the British team is placed sixth in the medals table, and a significant proportion of its haul has been contributed by athletes united by their first name. Sponsored If British athletes named Tom were an Olympic nation in their own right their five gold medals would place them eleventh in the table, above Italy. New Zealand topped the Olympic rowing medal table for the first time, with three golds and two silvers, seizing the perch that Britain had enjoyed over the previous three Games.