TL;DR news on Harrison Ford at February 19, 2023

From the late 1960s to today, Ford has made his mark on the industry, and at age 79, shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. While Ford himself has been outspoken about his indifference towards Star Wars, there is no denying that the role catapulted him into the iconic leading man that he is today. While he is mostly known for his action roles, Ford also shines in more dramatic performances, such as 42 and Regarding Henry. In reality, Harrison Ford would return to the franchise one final time for a brief cameo in Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. Just as when he did the boulder stunt at the beginning of the film, Ford was also a part of the real action during the truck chase. Ford carried on with his work using nothing more than ice wraps for the injury. In one improvised scene from the movie, Ford simply shoots a swordsman rather than dueling with him. "The Ford Ranger is the ideal choice of vehicle to take on the challenges the mountain rescue team face. Ford, apparently fed up with the whole country by this point, opted to simply wrap his knee in ice and keep filming instead of seeking out a Tunisian hospital. Ford openly ridiculed the dialogue. Getty Images The word fugitive methane conjures up the Harrison Ford movie, where the hero was always running and hiding. A couple of weeks earlier, with the city decked out as Philadelphia in honour of Harrison Ford, the local press united in its joy at the sight of the 267 bus to Blantyre crawling past the film set.