TL;DR news on Britney Spears at April 22, 2023

But I didn't think much of it until I was 14 in 2002, when Britney released "I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman." That's when more people started saying I looked like her. So I was still in the very early stages of doing lookalike work when Britney's mental health issues were widely publicized in 2007. An agent called me up and asked if I had shaved my hair like Britney, I remember saying no and asking incredulously if that was something I was supposed to do. When I was 19, I got a call asking if I'd be interested in performing a show as Britney at a charity event. I almost didn't go dressed as Britney but I talked myself into it, and as soon as I got to Planet Hollywood, everyone was asking for photos. As we went into the arena, one of the hostesses said she would upgrade us to the standing area at the front and staff and security teams actually came over because they thought I was Britney. Britney handpicked you herself. I felt so starstruck, I'd followed Britney for years. She said it was really surreal how much I looked like Britney. Then, a woman with a pink wig walked up to me, and I suddenly realized it was Britney. The meet and greets were like a military operation, we were told not to put our hands in our pockets or give Britney anything. It's all very sad, and confusing and I support Britney 100 percent in whatever she chooses to do going forward. If Britney said, "I don't like when people perform tribute shows as me, I wish they wouldn't," of course, I would stop. In Unread, Stedman enlists the help of a journalist friend, Carrie Poppy, and tracks down an internet friend of Alex named Duje, a Croatian man he met on Britney fansites. TA TA !!!!" The post came minutes after the singer updated her fans on how she's feeling amid her conservatorship battle alongside a clip of a Free Britney flag. Just last week, Britney's personal conservator, Jodi Montgomery, hit back at claims made by Jamie about Britney's well being. Though many fans are sad to see less of Spears online, everyone is supportive of her decision. Upward bound! Yes!" The comments celebrated the victory as the #FreeBritney movement battles on, but also called out how sad it is "she worked all her life to get a new iPad just today.. TMZ reports Friday that if and when that happens, he'll do a deep analysis of how Jamie spent Britney's money.