TL;DR news on Sally Rooney at June 14, 2023

"Life would be different then," Rooney writes of the time when Normal character Connell is considering Trinity. Frances grew up in a suburb of Dublin, making the insinuation as incorrect as it is judgmental, but Ballina shows up often in Rooney 's novels. Surely, the Venn diagram of someone who might carry a New Yorker bag and someone who might wear a Sally Rooney bucket hat might look pretty much like a circle. Rooney, of course, is the celebrated writer of Normal People and Conversations With Friends, both published before her 30th birthday. Why are people always trying to have a go at Sally Rooney's success, all she did is write a few books, not declare herself a genius like some of our previous literary big wigs. There may not be much by way of cultural diversity in her books, but Tu claims that all Rooney writes about is privileged white people doing privileged white things. The first duo consists of Alice Kelleher, a young Irish novelist who achieves fame at a young age, not too different from Rooney herself, and Felix Brady, a warehouse employee. And now it seems like the young writer is set to continue to follow in Rooney's footsteps as Exciting Times is being made into a limited TV series that's currently in development at Amazon Studios. In true Rooney fashion, it will feature forbidden romance, complicated relationships, unsettling encounters and secrets that may or may not find themselves out in the end.