TL;DR news on Michael Parkinson at February 19, 2023

In the early 1960s Parkinson was presenting shows on Granada that frequently featured performances by a new band from Liverpool called the Beatles. More like this The first episode of Parkinson aired on 19 June 1971 and guests in the first series included John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Ringo Starr, George Best, Michael Caine and Orson Welles. Parkinson met Ali four times and each time a slightly different Ali showed up, from cocky to angry to vulnerable. Ryan was uncomfortable, yes, but she also appeared vulnerable and Parkinson seemed determined to make her feel more uncomfortable with slightly needling questions. More info Journalist Michael Parkinson has told how he grew to "feel sorry" for professional boxer Muhammad Ali when interviewing him for the third and final time on his show in 1981. Cutting back to the pair's 1981 meeting, the boxer sat passively while answering Michael's questions. "Do you feel old?" asked Michael. Back in the studio, Michael revealed that he was concerned for the man he initially butted heads with in their first fiery interview in 1971. "There are certain people who you can't imagine dying, he was one," confessed Michael. Michael relayed his initial thoughts on laying eyes on the sportsman, he said: "What a figure, what a personality. During BBC show Parkinson at 50 the star discussed his varied career with his son and producer, Mike.