TL;DR news on Lisa Adams at August 27, 2023

Adams couldn't quite approach her own world record of 15.50m but her fifth and sixth efforts of 15.12m were more than enough to complete a commanding victory. Speaking to the Rotorua Daily Post on Sunday, Adams said the fact that she had won still had not fully sunk in, however, it was an emotional victory. One of those was Rotorua Lakes High School sports coordinator Lisa MacFarlane, who has known Adams since she was a Year 10 student at the school. MacFarlane said even back then it was clear Adams was a young person with a big heart, great sporting ability and a humble outlook on life. "I did shed a couple of tears watching her last night, I've known Lisa a long time," she said. I vividly remember part of it was abseiling and I was scared but Lisa did it, she was straight into it, no worries. "I remember getting a call from Lisa saying she was thinking of having a crack with shot put and discus, and asking if I could get some for her to have a play with. Lisa spoke at our sports awards a few years ago and she was a bit nervous but once she got going she was the bomb, the kids and parents just loved her. "It's fantastic to see Lisa achieving her dreams and representing New Zealand with such accomplishment. After following the designer on social media and trying out her organizing products, Melissa knew Adams could handle the job.