TL;DR news on Jacob Zuma at June 14, 2023

The decision to release Zuma is likely to provoke widespread anger, and further concerns about the rule of law in South Africa. When the matter was to be argued in court mid last month, Zuma fell sick and could not appear in court. Secondly, Manyi argues, Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo disbelieved Zuma when he said he was unable to appear at the State Capture Inquiry because he was unwell. Last week, Zuma had refused a request from the National Prosecuting Authority that its doctors be allowed to examine him independently as details of his illnesses could not be divulged. Another Zuma. In 2011 Zuma decided to extend the term of office of Chief Justice Sandile Ngcobo. The provincial structure added that this was the reason why it then resorted to taking its own resolution, regarding allowing its leaders to go to court and show support for Zuma. While Zuma was president, the party reportedly paid no taxes and did not contribute to unemployment benefits for staff. A critical process for Ramaphosa since his assumption of power has been the 'uncapturing' of SSA, starting with a new boss not slavishly loyal to the Zuma faction of the ruling party. The subsequent contention within the ruling party has seen it split from top to bottom and contributed significantly to the violence and looting which followed Zuma's imprisonment. Last week South Africa evidenced a Delta variant to the virus of lawfare that has engulfed our legal system since the legal woes of Jacob Zuma commenced. There have been growing calls for Zuma to stand for the presidency but some people argue that he will not be a good leader as he lacks leadership credentials. Zuma sustains a strong stance on his plan to become the leader of the ANC, emphasising that he has designs to bring forth a different approach to those who came before. Zuma links the motivation for his new venture to his interaction with individuals who led him to embrace a political journey. Some of us still recall how it was meant to make insulting Zuma illegal at the time he was undergoing media and public humiliation. Mr Zuma, your brashness knows no bounds.