TL;DR news on Gabby Petito at June 14, 2023

Courtesy of Nikki Passannante But Passannante remained steadfast that going off on her own was something Petito would not have done. Some of them have come up with the opinion that although the video starts off on a positive note, Petito eventually did not look comfortable to be in the presence of Laundrie. They planned to reach Portland, Oregon, and visit a family friend for Halloween] The couple started their trip on July 2 after Petito attended her brother's graduation in New York on June 17. 'The only thing that stood out was that a tow crew came and took the white van away.' Petito's father described her as 'very, very free spirited'. We won't stop until we find her.' Schmidt's husband and son TJ have posted two missing persons posters on their Instagrams as well as a picture of Petito, appealing for her safe return. They have also started a social media campaign on Facebook, simply called 'Find Gabby,' where a number of national park visitors have claimed to recognize the pair's van. People drove golf carts across the street carrying posters with messages such as "Where is Gabby" and "Speak up". That message was just a short text, however, and she has since questioned whether it was actually sent by Ms Petito herself. ADVERTISEMENT As such, it would be a stretch to connect the disappearance of Petito with the double murder, especially in the absence of any concrete evidence. Brian left Gabby in the wilderness with grizzly bears and wolves while he sits in the comfort of his home.