TL;DR news on Sir John Key at February 19, 2023

But having a scheduled "opening time" as Key has suggested is like making a rash promise before all the facts are known. Sir John Key would be better off contributing his leadership expertise helping the National Party find a competent leader from within its ranks that can lead and provide cohesion. Yes, Key has done a superb hatchet job on Judith Collins. Get back into politics John, New Zealand needs you. John Key shouldn't have to step in and fill the void of an effective Opposition leader. In a rare return to the political fray, Sir John has reset the national conversation on New Zealand's pandemic planning with a widely published opinion piece. Ms Collins' National party will publish its own route to reopening on Wednesday, and will hope a slice of Sir John's enduring popularity might shine on their plans. We have two Johns to thank for flagging up the audience bullseyes we need to reach 90 per cent. Chris Hipkins' response to Sir John was "many things that John Key's arguing are already happening". Key begins with an absurd unfavourable comparison with the remarkable American Apollo 13 space recognition mission in 1970. When John Key calls for a plan he means prescriptiveness including specific dates. The relationship between Key and Peters is notoriously a sour one, going back to when Key ruled out working with Peters ahead of the 2008 election. Key said New Zealand could not afford to continue as the hermit kingdom borrowing a billion dollars every week just to stay afloat. Expressing criticism of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's government's approach, Sir John says incentives to encourage people to get the jab are the best way forward. And without the likes of Sir John paying huge amounts of tax a lot of Kiwis would not have their life subsidised by others. Speaking to Newstalk ZB Key said the country needed to come up with some tension resilience to get people vaccinated. Our collective sacrifice for Covid is worth more than John Key. Key has changed all that and by Jesus the left know this! This is someone the sheeple like and admire therefore it will get the great unwashed to pause and think. I had worries when I saw the Key article given your KDS. There is conjecture and as a wealthy individual Key has been able to sweep that under the floor mat. Now I know its upsetting for you and some of the others that continually bag our PM on this site but you just have to lump it like we lumped John for nine long torturous years. John has gone thank goodness now move on. Remember the people who gave John Key three terms are the same people who gave Jacinda her out right majority. Apparently, according to Key, the All Blacks had a plan when they ran out against the Springboks on Saturday night and so should the Government. As for Key. Nobody took Key literally; North Korea is an analogy for the state of borders. Thanks, John.