TL;DR news on Sheriff Tiraspol at August 27, 2023

In fact, Sheriff the soccer club is largely fueled by an eponymous business conglomerate that all but controls the separatist state. In Tiraspol, phone signals from Moldova don't register, despite the 'border' being only 20km away. The Sheriff Company annual turnover is almost double the state budget, and it funds the club directly from its vast wealth reserves. The football club is run at a massive loss." Instead of transfer fees, the current squad have shown their value for Sheriff on the pitch. The assist was Julien's second of the season for FC Sheriff and his eighth overall in 29 games with FC Sheriff. Sport Julien sets up Sheriff equlizer in Moldovia September 20, 2021 08:37 PM Head coach Terry Fenwick speaks to the national team during a training session in Nassau.