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The recall election failed, and Jenner, who ran as a Republican, did not make it to the top 10 replacement candidates, according to ABC News. Inside Kylie Jenner's billion dollar life: Pregnant star.. Share this article Share 1.1k shares Caitlyn's New York City outing with Sophia comes hours after she appeared on The View Tuesday. During her in studio appearance, Caitlyn revealed she would run again for office, and wants to advocate for more inclusivity in the Republican party, per ABC News. And the Republican party needs to change, and to be honest with you, I am the poster child for change,' Caitlyn said. In her column, Jenner said that Republicans need to start winning over Democratic voters in order to gain more political influence in California. Among Jenner's "lessons from the California recall" was an acknowledgment that "Democrats and independents outnumber Republicans two to one" in the state and that society "should not be" so polarized. Jenner announced in July she planned to run in 2022 if the recall effort was not successful. Jenner then famously grabbed an American flag from a spectator and carried it during the victory lap, starting a tradition that is now commonplace among winning athletes. Following the Olympic success, Jenner became a motivational speaker and athletic spokesperson, often spending time with businesses and speaking about "finding the champion within". In June 2015, Caitlyn debuted her new image on the cover of Vanity Fair, alongside the title "Call me Caitlyn". Story continues Reception Following her announcement, Caitlyn tweeted a message of confirmation, which quickly became the tenth most retweeted message of 2015. Source: Vanity Fair] The famous Vanity Fair cover debuted when Caitlyn was 65 years old. Source: Vanity Fair But unfortunately the reception was not all positive as satirical cartoon South Park openly mocked Caitlyn in five episodes in their 19th season. Sports was an arena where I could escape and shine," says Jenner. At the 1972 Munich Olympics, Jenner, placed 10th in the decathlon, watches USSR's Mykola Avilov receive the gold medal and something shifts. Her reasoning: "If I can win an Olympic gold, I can prove these issues don't exist." Jenner won the gold medal at the 1976 Montreal Olympics, but the issues didn't go away. Home and practice session videos, archival Olympic footage and Jenner's personal narration make this an interesting watch. In 2009, her mother Kris Jenner used her connections to get Kendall a meeting with the Wilhelmina Modeling; the agency liked what they saw and agreed to sign the teen. Jenner has since reached supermodel status Since her first modeling gig with Forever 21, Jenner has been able to climb the fashion industry and earn supermodel status. In March 2020, Us Weekly reported that she spilled oil all over the kitchen floor while preparing a meal for Gamble and Kylie Jenner.