TL;DR news on Sheriff Tiraspol at February 19, 2023

It's a huge achievement." Sheriff Ltd. As Sheriff step into the unknown, so too does elite European football. In Tiraspol, phone signals from Moldova don't register, despite the 'border' being only 20km away. The Sheriff Company annual turnover is almost double the state budget, and it funds the club directly from its vast wealth reserves. The football club is run at a massive loss." Instead of transfer fees, the current squad have shown their value for Sheriff on the pitch. Back in Tiraspol, FC Sheriff's power is so entrenched they are unlikely to be surpassed by their impoverished rivals in the Moldovan league any time soon. We need to win our next game." Sheriff, founded in 1997, have dominated Moldovan football but this is their first season in the Champions League group stage. Madrid improved towards the end of the half but not before Sheriff could have made it two, Thibaut Courtois coming out to clear a ball over the top, only to sidefoot it straight to Frank Castaneda. If you were to put $100 on Sheriff defeating Real Madrid, you would have won $2,800. The club founded just over two decades ago is funded by the Sheriff company, which runs large parts of the economy in Transnistria and has strong political ties. A mistake by Courtois a few minutes later while trying to move the ball up the field nearly gave Sheriff another goal, with Yakhshiboev's shot missing just wide of the post. Sheriff players celebrated loudly after the final whistle as many Madrid fans jeered their team after their second consecutive setback at the Bernabeu. I'm very appreciative of my boys for this great job," Sheriff boss Yuriy Vernydub said. The assist was Julien's second of the season for FC Sheriff and his eighth overall in 29 games with FC Sheriff. With the win, FC Sheriff has moved up to third in the Divizia Nationala table with 16 points in seven games. Sport Julien sets up Sheriff equlizer in Moldovia September 20, 2021 08:37 PM Head coach Terry Fenwick speaks to the national team during a training session in Nassau. Real Madrid suffered a shock loss to Sheriff last night but it was a memorable night of sorts for front man Karim Benzema.