TL;DR news on MIQ at June 14, 2023

A worsening vet shortage has triggered a petition calling for the Government to set aside two MIQ spaces every week for authorised arrivals. The government stopped subsidising sports teams MIQ stays on 1 August. She was among the 31,319 people vying for 3800 rooms in the second virtual lobby MIQ voucher release last night. And people saying they felt like they didn't deserve a voucher." Jacqui Maguire wants the Government to bear the mental health of New Zealanders in mind when it looks at the future options for MIQ. Other athletes affected by MIQ access include Paige Hareb, who pulled out of the World Surf League challenger series last month because she could not secure a spot. Asked how Barrett and Tuipulotu secured MIQ spots while others miss out, All Blacks coach Ian Foster said it was through the lottery system. For many people getting a spot in MIQ is no guarantee of a happy ending. We were in MIQ for two days before I needed to go to the hospital. He is the latest athlete to raise concerns over the inability to pursue his dreams because of MIQ making it too hard to base himself in New Zealand. This would mean MIQ slots go to businesses willing to put their money where their mouth is. An MIQ worker is also among today's cases.