TL;DR news on Alabama football at August 27, 2023

On Thursday night during Nick Saban's weekly appearance on the Hey Coach! radio show, the Alabama football coach revealed that he has never been to a tailgate. Saban has participated in football in some capacity on Saturdays every season since 1970 when he played quarterback at Kent State. Alabama players, students, alums, and fans should absolutely treasure game days. Alabama has a perfectly serviceable code of student conduct, but this is more about character and class than needing new university programs or policies. College football fans anticipated this highly anticipated showdown of Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin and his Heisman contending quarterback Matt Corral coming to Tuscaloosa to face the Crimson Tide. Two weeks ago, No.1 Alabama struggled with the comparable Florida Gators offense, making fans wonder if the Crimson Tide could harness the Rebels high octane offense. With nearly 145,000 followers on Twitter and another 165,000 on Instagram, Alabama softball is the second most followed athletic team on social media on campus behind only Alabama football. The SEC tournament was the first time Rhoads returned to full capacity since March of 2020, and it was packed with energetic fans for all of Alabama's championship run. Making his first career start against Miami, Dalcourt received the highest grade among Alabama offensive lineman from the coaches. CB Ronald Williams, Michigan State Williams, a starter in East Lansing, has 17 tackles and one interception playing for former Alabama assistant coach Mel Tucker. He also blocked a punt against Hawaii in the opener to continue what became his calling card at Alabama. Auburn University is just as far, so maybe the singer is a Tigers fan who's likely to flip a middle finger at his rival? Social media says otherwise: Dang, Alabama. In May, Fisher made waves when he was asked by a fan at an event about what it would take to beat Saban before he retires from Alabama. Obviously, the teams athat lost fell in the latest release of the AP Poll Top 25 and, in the case of Alabama vs Texas A&M, the Aggies are now unranked. The number 5 jersey is given in honor of former South Alabama running back Anthony Mostella, who was killed in a 2010 motorcycle accident. What it has is a menu of many interesting games, that run the gamut from winless teams facing off to, of course, the Alabama Crimson Tide and Texas A&M.